Monday, January 25, 2010

My Dreamaginarium of Dr Parnassus

A golden brick buddha has TWIN angels open his belly button portal into the world of temptation and lust...a prison if you will...if I will...

I don't think I have to say spoiler alert. I'm gonna talk about TIODP in detail.I'm fully aware of the Masonic symbolism throughout this film. The reason I'm writing this is to gain much needed insight into personal visions, dreams and synchronicities. I don't expect it to make sense. But I do hope it helps me make sense of some of my shit.

I had a dream

Welly welly well well well... Hello friends and family and people who think I'm dumb!

Friends and family would agree I'm a freaknologist when it comes to electronics. Trying to squeeze the best out of them is my goal. Quality media folks. For example, downloading a movie that isn't DVD quality is rare for me. Tolerance for sound is there seeing how I'm mostly a visual person. This leaves people baffled cause when I try to run a movie from my computer to my television I get a little compulsive. Tweaking this and clicking that, adjusting and dimming until its just about right...its never good enough though. By this time the audience is squawking at me to just leave it and get on with the show psycho...

Like Ey3 said - I appreciate quality. So for me to step out of this comfort zone is rare... and mentally painful actually. But a sign of healing none the less. A sign of my attachment to form lessening. My most recent example of getting over compulsion would be my viewing of a CAM version of the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus(TIODP.)It was necessary. It was the path of destiny. A bright star as Richard Arrowsmith said in a recent chain email I read. As I was saying, I watched the shitty camcorder version of the movie on my crummy yet functional laptop. The effect TIODP had on me was beyond any 3D-HD-OLED-Virtual reality us humans could ever concoct in carbon or silicon form!

I had a dream about a month ago about TIODP. Twas a really f@#kin si77y dream. I woke up thinking that the dream could not possibly sync with the movie. I soon stopped thinking about it and went on with life as I know tits. Then a month later I broke down and watched the shitty cam version cause I couldn't wait . . .




Slightly exaggerated on my part I'm aware. But it freaked me out in slow motion when I got there for the full viewing of events.

I was left breathless, still, and at a loss for words. Twas by myself but I have been known to chat with myself in order to sort things out. Word things aloud to see if they can be spoken. So more or less it was an awkward moment with myself's self. If you know what I mean. Being quite quiet mentally and physically is rare and appreciated. That's what some of these syncs are; a cup of cold water poured down the spine.

To sum up the dream in a few simple words...

It all took place in the brain/mind of the Dr Parrnassus. I watched a flying bottle of red nail polish with wings goofily loop~te~loop around above me. Jonny Depp was there, but what I payed attention to was the writing on the bottle of red nail polish. All I remember was the letters C and K. Like the Calvin Klein logo.

Below is a frame from TIODP reflecting my weird dream. I know that this might just be my subconscious mind picking up on the theme from watching the trailer. Too perfect to ignore none the less. I know its not a bottle of nail polish but its a red bottle anyhow. The theme of the dream/vision is cosmetics and all things feminine.

The vision being experienced is a mixture of three minds. The woman's(1) and Tony's(2) imaginations collide through the manipulative mechanism of Dr Parnassus'(3) mind or third eye. Through his mind he takes and projects your imagination into a 'real' world made just for you through the catalyst miRRor-portal. Then he poses THE quest-ion. Enlightenment or ignorance.

Why not forget about it? It makes non sense! Move on and quit analyzing this stuff! Why do you think its important at all?

Why you say?

Cause syncromystic terminology encouraged me to paint a picture! Jon said.
The K2 KK CC 11 11 33 told me to look!

What do you mean CK? what the f@#k does that mean?

First I went to find images of CK nail polish... it came up dry. What now?

The KK CC relationship told me so....

***CK is sometimes called a dirty double K in the synchromysic scene. It hasn't been brought up in a while. A form of KK,K2 which is 11-11 alphabetically and CC makes 33 as well and thus 11 11 11. Both of which hold magical resonance in pop culture and conspiracy theory upon basic investigation. This is classic Syncromystic terminology. It is an ongoing meme theme that usually highlights a personal pattern or leads to one.*** For more information on this please read Scarlet Dragon by Jake Kotze over at the Blob.

All this stuff is surely my subconscious mind telling me to watch the hell out of that movie when it becomes available. And I did...and that's why I'm writing this...

soooooooo lets move forward and talk about the reason why I was supposed to watch the movie... It goes back to my roots in this blogging business...

The continuation of the Heath Ledger fractal

That's why!

As some of you might know I have a pattern going on in relation to these things...

-The Joker
-The Cube

and most recently...

-The brick
-The brain

I highlighted some of these things and more in my first video called JOKERMAN SATURN PATTERN. keep in mind I made this video a year ago. Allot has changed but I bring it up so as to bring you up to snuff with all my stuff. Sorry for the long, vain, intro. I realize the ego behind it now.

Basically Heath Ledger and the cube are inseparable. And his character as the TRIckster and Joker further connect this man to THOTH.

Here's some syncs between two HL movies.

Dark Knight and TIODP

-checkerboard patterns
-medical symbol of Hermes himself
-Him being a master of money. THOTH or Hermes TRIsmegistus was said by some to have created money...
- He is a clown, thus joker, thus fool
- He hangs in both movies, by the feet in Dark Knight, and the neck in TIODP(heath LEDGEr)
- the fool card and hanging man card tarot is invoked in many forms in both movies.
- And much more standard, old, wrinkly, stuff. It starts with the "old" and leads to the new. Think of the old as bread crumbs.

I'll focus on the man in the box stuff first...

In Dark Knight he wears a hexagon pattern shirt. So a Joker in a box. Get it?
And in TIODP he awakes inside a box, chest, coffin. Get it?

I'll say this again...In TIODP he makes his first conscious appearance COMING OUT OF A F@#KING BOX!!!!!! I mean they find him hanging from a bridge at first. He looks dead as they rescue him. They revive him. Then they stuff him in a chest thus box??? WHAT THE F@#K!!! As he awakes out of the box he then fakes or tricks them into believing he has amnesia. Trickster trickster trickster we see you!

Did I mention he swallows a small flute in the process of hanging himself? Made me think of the Mario Bros warp flute. No? ok...

I enhanced the face on the side of the wagon which also shares space with a six spoked mechanical wheel.

Mercury himself has a cameo in The Imaginarium of Dr parnassus. He is played by one of the stage hands picked up by the Doctor's traveling show. Little Anton is full of heart but lacks the thievery skills that Tony displays. Later in the movie Anton actually dresses like a fat woman furthering his connection to Hermes-aphroditus. He also spends allot of time playing pranks and acts much like you would expect from Mr Trismegistus.
In both movies Heath Ledger is a master of money. Acquiring money through trickery and the slight of hand. Tony used a Children's Charity to launder money from the Russians. Thas why hes in deep shit in this movie. So we can assume that the Joker and Thoth are related some how...but separate.

Shortly after awakening we find our Jokerman sharing screen time with a duck. Associations have been made between water foul and Thoth.

This one speaks for itself...


Now here's the Dog part of my pattern from TIODP. Anubis is the jackal god associated with mummification and the afterlife. This whole scene is a riddle. Never mind the blatant symbolism. Jonny Depp guides the woman's attention to how celebrity's become immortal in death by riding the boat of Anubis into the after life. He says the names Princess Diana, James Dean, Rudolph Valentino. *Rudolph meaning "famous Wolf" in German. And Valentino mean strong and healthy.*


this frame reminds me of the burning money scene from The Dark Knight...

Speaking of Valentino...

Here's Lily Cole and a variation of the Blue Worm 'squiggle', Scepter or constellation of Quetzalcoatl. A sync pattern highlighted by a few bloggers around here.

Lets talk about Lily Cole for a minute. Her role in the movie has her as the daughter of Dr Parnassus. Her name is Valentina. Which helps amplify the heart symbol through out the movie. Also her real name being Lily has tribute payed to it in her CGI sequences like this frame. The lily relating to the lotus which fits in with all the Egypt stuff going on throughout this flick. Here she is in a white dress thus, white Lotus in the presence of Anubis. In the same scene of the movie that my dream took place also has her existing as twins. A stunning Gemini. This makes me think about the olsen twins and their part of the Heath Ledger death fractal.

The Brain and the Brick stuff...

Ive been writing a little bout bricks and brains lately. So I came to some 'new' ideas about them. I think that these next three images have something to do with the brain...

This frame is from TIODP..

This ones from The Lovely Bones..

And this one is from Alice in Wonder land.

And as for the brick? Well that leads me to stairs. A brick wall is a series of stairs stacked upon stairs. When I see brick patterns I see swirling staircases of DNA,RNA or memory or I see building blocks. Stairs can take you up and down. Stairs are not portable like a latter so they can represent sustained memory or information. Almost like a latter could be a metaphor for short term memory. And in TIODP stairs lead one to enlightenment. But that's just it. The stairs are there. The structure is supposedly already made and fortified. We just need to find em and climb em.

Look at smug and relaxed.... Meanwhile, Look at god! Look at him stretching and yearning for us to give a shit! Please rule your selves! Please pay attention! Are you to good for your true home? Answer me?!?!

So please, enter the 2x12x12 step program with me. Try to stay out of Nick's Lounge


Corbeau said...

You seem to write about some things that seem to resonate with me strongly time and time again before eye even visit your blog.
This time it has to do with the box and the trickster theme.
Its these tiny things that make a impression and still appear too small to be expressed since it is so personal point of view.

Thank you.


The Quark Observer said...

Awesome work my friend. I did a reply post sort of to this here....

A Few Shots to Shaman said...

Your writing is getting much smoother... Well done friend. Loved this.

aferrismoon said...

Funderval - watched this at 9 last night , friend downloaded, not gr8 qual.
haven't read art-tickle yet


Jon Kidd said...

Corbeau - I remember you doing a post on similar stuff. I'm glad you get it. I have ideas about what it can be. But I just enjoy seeing it pop up when it does. It itself is a jack in a box.

'Q'- Thank you sir. I want all those shirts...can I get them in 4XL? ;^)

Shaman - Your comment is uplifting. Thanks Will.

Aferrismoon - There is a higher quality version out there. I found it a couple days after starting this thing. Same quality sound, but DVD quality picture.

I wish he could have had more time/money to make it better. I think the concept is a wonderfully brilliant idea.

Much love everyone,

The Quark Observer said...

@ Jon Kidd, don't know if I mentioned it but I am opening a "New Age" shop on the first of next moth and will have tons of shirts, tarot, books & ect... %10 off to all "followers". I am getting a blog together for my store. I will update when it's ready to join.

PS I might be able to get you some comic books shirts in 4X. I will get back to you when my store opens.

Jon Kidd said...

Congrats on that! I wish there was sustainability for a shop like that here in Three hills, Alberta. There is a new age store in Drumheller. I just never had the dough to go.

But my finances are gonna be allot better this year. So I'll be trying to support the bloggers I appreciate. Dropping some money in their proverbial hats.

10% discount? Finally an economic benefit for bloggers ;^)

I'll order some Joker shirts for sure. A joker with hexagons on a shirt would be cool as hell. Even a pattered hexagon shirt like the one he wore in Dark Knight would me great.

A couple of us were talking about making some t shirts in relation to our stuff. Like some 11:11 shirts and shit.

I think I'm gonna make one like this here

The Quark Observer said...

I am gonna do a simple post about hexagon's soon. I till blow your mind if I can find the picture.

aferrismoon said...

Some bit sand bobs

JK - feb 14 th - Valentine's day - 2/14
Lily = plant ; Cole = Cabbage
Anubis' face is the prow of the BARQUE / BARK[like a dog]

The back of a carriage in UK = a BOOT while in the Americas it's called the TRUNK
A couple of hours before reading your post , between watching Parnassus and reading, I was playing with flight numbers. Flight number 191 has had quite afew crashes , and I looked up a Hebrew word that = 191.
QVPhH [ qoffa] , means a BOX, CHEST or REPOSITORY, while QVPh = a simian; back of the head. It corresponds to the Moon card , which in Crowley's pack has 2 Anubi guarding 2 towers.


Jon Kidd said...

'Q'- I really wanna see that image.

Ironmoon - JK - feb 14 th - Valentine's day - 2/14(not sure what the JK means here?)

-A head of Cabbage.

-DOG Ship Barque! Barque! Cool

The back of a carriage in UK = a BOOT..full of booty. Booty mean buTT,rear,ass. Pi-rates come to mind of course. Butt Pirate hehe

Trunk/elephants in TIODP. Third eye highlighted.

CoffaN root?

BowwoW indeed.

Indras Net said...

HA! This was where I saw Jdepp and the Duat Boat, I couldnt for the life of me find the pic that I was sure of was out there, I went and scryed the movie while i coulda just stopped over at the Alchemists abbey here! IM really enjoying your flow and your honest JK its a special kinda flow, Im gonna finish readin this now, much love brah peace in!

Alex Robinson said...

Hello Mr All Chemist, I like your style - what a pharmacopeia of tricks you have on special.

For your random interest - I had a flash back to the Jackie Chan movie 'Shangai Noon' when Owen Wilson, the 'fool' of the movie is about to be 'hanged' - at the last minute the rope is shot away & he falls through the floor of the gallows & lands in a 'coffin' in the getaway carriage.
I did a quick mix'n'match google search of his name & the late Knight & found this;

"MSNBC's gossip reporter, Courtney Hazlett, who writes "The Scoop" column for and regularly appears on air, has made the tackiest statement of the year just moments after Heath Ledger's death.

Hazlett remarked, "In a lot of ways, this reminds me — we've almost had a dress rehearsal for this with Owen Wilson."

Wilson attempted suicide last summer, and MSNBC reported early after the news broke that pills were strewn around the bedroom where he was found."

The follow up movie was called Shanghai 'Knights'.

I hope your world is rocking - WV = insyc (in sync? :)

aferrismoon said...

Soory Jon , had some notes written , JK was to remind me it was 4U.

Jon Kidd said...

Wise Alex - A most interbresting coraLLation indeed. I remember that suicide attempt. Will have to look at Mr Wilson's career now, seeing he is still here.

That missy sure is disrespectful maximus.

And yes my world has been rocking its socks off. I'm glad I was invited to the party.

Cheerio Ma Lady

ViølatoR said...

Sweetness. Cool idea about the beach/river/veil between worlds/hemispheres.

P.S.: Check out this guys post.

ViølatoR said...

Oops haha, I notice you've already seen that post :D Thought you would like it!

James Ratte said...

Sweet Jesus that kicked ass ... but where's the bubble gum?

Ishmael said...

I don't think I have to say spoiler alert.

--I still haven't seen this goofy movie yet, and I start reading this post every few days or so and stop at the spoiler alert.

Maybe this week!
be well

j.cowley said...

this was the most interesting article i have read in a long time.
thanks for sending me some insight into new topics. i myself am on a search to figure the puzzle, yet you are much more educated and can word what is needed to be said.
i will keep reading. thanks

Anonymous said...

what a dumb blog

Jon KiDDØ said...

You wanna go ahead and rephrase your opinion to accommodate my emotional state? Are you prepared to go to court?

Anonymous said...

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