Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mercury Mind - Interview with Loki

Things have been hectic here in the small town of Three Hills. Eye feel I've(EYEvE) lost my focus like so many times before. What I read in the realm of synchronizations is starting to form a big loop; or snake? Going back and reading older posts so many of you wrote shows me/we how timeless this artform really is. It also tells us that this information is not disposable. Not like a newspaper. At the same time some of us have images from the things we watch and experience stocked up. This has been done before. The first time I read about Ars Memorativa was in Erik Davis' social science textbook...

Techgnosis Myth, Magic, and Mysticism in the Age of Information

This book was my second step on this path which showed itself to me in a library in Richmond B.C. back in 2001. I was searching for something to start with. At that point in time I always came back to the occult. Obsessed with the dark and demonic. Not to the point where I researched anything directly...It was novelty... until I discovered the frustrating subject of Alchemy. I say frustrating cause its all symbols. I fantasied about gaining access to the hidden archives of the Vatican. I have dreamed about having enough money to pursue an education....I dreamed and dreamed and dream....

8 years later....

I'm no longer empty minded when viewing symbols, or frustrated but...
I can admit that I still don't know shit...AND...
I can admit I'm looking waaaaaay to far into things lately...
But that is my nature!
Its always been that way!
So embrace the zeal while its here!!! GO ahead...USE SOME Exclamation marks DAMMIT!
Shitty dispositions? Mental Heath problems? To much refined sugars?

Zo... anyways....

Ars Memorativa unplugged...

To sum it up in one sentence is possible.

Building a structure in your mind to assist in remembrance.

That sounds good to me. There were these guys back in the day...waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, who used to recite lists of names and things backwards and forwards. BIG lists! They would take something like a list of names and attach a mental symbol to it. This would sometimes be visualized as a door with an icon on it. A door to a room whose contents were probably quite strange. As they built this structure in there mind the icons or symbols would probably get quite ridiculous and quite strange...

We do the same here. We take symbols and attach weird logos in a way say as to remember what we're trying to find. It is a deadly trap for some. Being in your head is hard when you don't realize that its all in your head...

We are the doors...

"At the beginning of the art of memory you should know that the art is completely contained in two concepts. The first is the locus. The second is likeness or symbol. On the subject of the first one, the locus, you should know that the loci are called doors – on houses and on rooms. And also all other things which are distinctive and which are different from each other. Like a large window, an oven, a table, and those sort of things, which always stay still in one place. If you want to learn many words you will need many loci. When you have many loci you will then need a house. Choose a house that is familiar to you. Start at the front door, and count all doors on the right hand side, from one room to the next. Carry on like that. And if the house is large and has many doors and rooms, the more it has the better it is. But if it does not have many rooms take several houses, one after the other, and take good note of the number. When you have a hundred doors that is enough, but if you have more, so much the better. These doors must be so familiar to you that you can remember them backwards or forwards" ~ARS MEMORATIVA~

Wiki for a while...


"In the fields of genetics and evolutionary computation, a locus (plural loci) is a fixed position on a chromosome such as the position of a biomarker that may be occupied by one or more genes. A variant of the DNA sequence at a given locus is called an allele. The ordered list of loci known for a particular genome is called a genetic map. Gene mapping is the process of determining the locus for a particular biological trait."

Locus medicine

In transmission, a locus is the point on the body where a pathogen enters.

* In droplet contact and other airborne transmission it is generally the respiratory system
* In direct physical and indirect contact it is generally through a wound in the skin or through a mucous membrane
* In fecal-oral transmission, it is through the mouth.
* In vector borne transmission, it is at the bite or sting of the vector.

Ok now take a synchromistic step over and make Loci... Loki... Which I'm sure many of you readers are familiar with already. I want to show you that Jim Carrey has played this God. I'm also sure this has been mentioned and talked about. I wanna go back and see more...

Iron Will from AFeWShOtStoShAmAn had wrote about this 'specific' and acute archetype... Read about it Here
Hereand here


Interview with Loci

AA - Hello loki welcome to my realm. I won't waste much of your time but I will have to ask you some superficial questions. Is it alright if I move right along?

Loki - Alrighty then.

AA - Good... Well then uhhhh...Who are/were your parents?

Loki - I'm the son of Fárbauti and Laufey, and the brother of Helblindi and Býleistr. By the jötunn Angrboða, Loki is the father of Hel, the wolf Fenrir, and the world serpent Jörmungandr. By Sigyn, Loki is the father of Nari and/or Narfi. By the stallion Svaðilfari, Loki is the mother of the eight-legged horse Sleipnir. In addition, Loki is referred to as the father of Váli in the Prose Edda.

AA - Hold on one god damn minute here! Did you say your the father of Hel, the wolf Fenrir, and the world serpent???

Loki - SSSSShhMOKEN!!!

AA - I'll take that as a yes...ummmm I guess at this point elboration should be engaged. Would you like to tell us a bit about your offspring Mr Loki?

Loki - Tell Auntie Em to let Old Yeller out.

AA - OhhhK I'll go ahead and tell the people.

Father of Hel or Hell actually

Father of FenRiR which translates to three things In Norse mythology,

Fenrir (Old Norse "fen-dweller"),
Fenrisúlfr (Old Norse "Fenris wolf"),
or Hróðvitnir (Old Norse "fame-wolf") as in famous wolf or Rudolph which was discussed at a number of places recently. Friday, June 5, 2009 Mr. Wolf with pUPpies at the sync whole. But Rudolph engagment was brough on by RA's Post udderly-potty.

See you in the future!


Arrowsmith said...

Loved the interview Jon! I just added an image of Loki into my new post last night so wasn't surprised to find that you've conversing one on one with the trickster himself.

Your Loki/Loci connection with the DNA made me think:
Loki = Koil = Coil = DNA

Maybe the (K)oil helps lubricate the hinges so the Door can swing open more easily.

I agree wholeheartedly with you about the sync-symbols being memory triggers which help us remember. The more intricate these threads of thought become the further down this rabbit hole we seem to be travelling, and the closer we come to snapping out of our collective amnesia.

Loki has always reminded me of the word Lock which makes me think of the Key (the Lo-Key!?).

Maybe we need to find the Ki/Key in order to open the Doorway. The Ki (Qi/Chi/Prana/Life Force) resonates with the K9 which we access in order to floW (like Loki - the Father of the Wolf).

In the Lost TV show it's John Locke/Loki who manages to crack open the Hatch in order to learn about the forgotten secrets of the Eyeland. I recall the episode 'Further Instructions' (S3E3) where Locke builds a sweat lodge and consumes the hallucinogenic plant. His vision quest ends with an image of the White Wolf/Pan/Loki bursting forth from the flames, making him fall out of the Doorway/WaterG8 of the hut he built.

I also noticed this image of Tinkerbell in Toure's latest post. Maybe the TinkerbeLL/Sprite/Spirit is the Key/Ki that unlocks the Door, or mercurial Water G8, so that we can be guided by Pan/OZiris though the Labyrinth/Underworld of our own memory.

Later Holmes.

Jim said...

agreed on all accounts.

what is on the other side of the sync whole I wonder?

Jon Kidd said...

RA - Loki Coil =)
Keys, doors, portals, Stargates all pointing to the same thing. Tink bent over in the key hole reminds me that Sex is key of course. Which usually leads to replication of self. Our children are supposed to pass on the stories and crafts of our mothers and fathers. So when ascension is in full swing these processes will become consensus again. Getting back into the ZONE full time. Where we flow like an unobstructed stream.

Jim - W I O T O S O T S W ? I dunno but I think its gonna involve further understanding.

I visualize us sitting around an electric fire. Each one of us using our hands and minds to manipulate the structure of the hologram in order to calculate and understand further the depths of our infinite minds!

Or We all end up going to lebowskicon

Peace keykers

William Morgan said...

I used to go by the nick name Lo-Key... Like Low Key, get it... Anyway I am spell bound. Much love.

Jon Kidd said...

Welcome back soilder.

This is RAW WAR ON MARs!!

William Morgan said...

I remember you saying that "not a newspaper" phrase to me on one of our late night three hour skype extravaganzas... It always stuck with me. I agree wholeheartdly.