Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's, like, I once saw this picture of a snake swallowing it's tail

Today we're going to talk about Uroburos. As said in the previous post I was waiting for the rest of the post to flow. I got an email from Coleman Coil that gives insight from a non expert(Cole) and references to a familiar expert Philip K Dick.

"Hey buckaroo,
yowza, fun stuff.
So, i was recalling all the shit i had said about ouroboros and i remembered where the duality of the symbol began. Waking Life. Richard Linklater's character at the pinball machine is talking about an essay by Philip K. Dyck about the odd similarities between his novel and the book of acts, which he had never read, and how through a series of strange coincidence he develops a theory that it is actually 50 AD, and that time is an illusion set upon us by satan to destract us from christs return. What i had said about ouroboros was that it's interesting that it symbolizes eternity, and the cyclical nature of the universe whilst also, without most people noticing, represents this evil distraction from being one with god, and thus the universe, by being both time and a serpent, which biblically is a symbol of the devil.

Anywich, I found the essay in question. Heres the bit about all the coincidences and what-not:"

I remember Aferrismoon's post Spirit and Opportunity He briefly mentions PKD's time loop. The WWWiz'z article Death Wears A Rug: Updated 01/06/08 (now with MORE DEATH!).The ladder finalizing my permanent interest and attachment to uroburos.

For those interested in synchronicity and the offshoot form Synchromisticism I highly recommend this document as is contains an account similar to experiences posted. How to Build a Universe That Doesn't Fall Apart Two Days Later
by Philip K. Dick, 1978

I thought I remembered Aferrismoon writing an extended post about the subject. Anyways we're talking about...

The Cyclical Nature of the Universe

Now a thought crossed my mind thinking that we are beginning to see this serpents head. A weaving and zig zagging and bolting across our viewing screens in real time. When we study the passed and see its documented pattern we begin to see 'IT' in real time.

Xtra Xtra read a77 about it!!!Large Hadron Collider: Public chooses 'Halo' as its new name

When I think of URoboRos I think of Halo the game with its artificial ring making the profile the symbol for Hydrogen. Blaw blaw blaw we've been here before. You know whats down that road Neo.

I'm gonna cut up Uroboros and 'C' what we can SSee...

- robo uros - Urbrs ooo --ro ro bo us - robo or us - Robots or us -

The clip is from Waking Life. A movie about lucidity in the dreamworld?...

Lets put FIREBALL under the scope... Go ahead check it!

Its been brought to my attention that I should pay attention to THE LAND OF THE DEAD theme that has made its appearance on many of your blogs. Me and AFSTS are in the preliminary preliminary stages of development for a video reflecting this theme.

Eye think its safe to say that pinball is the precursor to video games. Bowling and or anything to do with rolling balls into pins eventually turned into Bagatelle and morphed into other table top games such as Pool. In 1777, a party was thrown in honor of King Louis XIV and his wife at the Ch√Ęteau de Bagatelle. The highlight of the party was a new table game dubbed Bagatelle by the King's brother and shortly after swept through France.


As brought out by Aferrismoon in the comments...or comment section...

Ben Franklin's Join or Die 'cartoon'...

Apep is a very interesting comparison

More l'8'er g'8'ors....

P.S. Cross your eyes until these images are one. You'll see the serpent...


aferrismoon said...

As a kind of ripsote to the Ourobouros there's the print by Ben Franklin of a snake cut into 13 pieces for the states with the words 'Join or Die'

Apep , the underworld snake of Egypt used to get a few problems from Ra's boys


aferrismoon said...

Joined together the last images [ x-eyed] resembles a snake-eye.


Little Jon Kidd said...

I'm thinking that this X eyed effect could be a meta4 4 something. I don't know. Maybe just a cool effect.


Arrowsmith said...

Never heard of Waking Life before but I'm certainly going to check it out. Many thanks Jon!

Jon Little said...

I'm thinking your gonna get allot out of that movie. I don't know what you got for a T.V. but I recommend a larger viewing screen. There is ALLOT going on in the background with that one.

Live Long and long live King Richard... and prosper.