Friday, March 20, 2009

The Brave Little Toaster Part 11/11



dedroidify said...


tommy said...

Talk about memories... Used to have this movie on VHS when I was really young.

Jon Kidd said... was a good program primer for us young ones. At least it had a positive overall message. At least the robot sacrificed itself for us rather know.

Who says to forget about the past?

ViølatoR said...

Wow that takes me back!

Hey remember the toaster in Ghost Busters 2 that danced? :D

James Ratte said...

sacrificial robots...interesting

I liked "Batteries not Included"

Jon Kidd said...

Droidmaster - MoM Az

Tommy - Pretty intense for kids. It made me feel like an adult watching it when I was a Kidd.

Violator - thank you for breaking my video block. I didn't find the toaster scene. But I watched a clip that finally ties together my idea for the next video.

JR - Forgot about that one.
(S)tephen lightning
(S)pielburg lightning directed that.

tommy said...

I actually went on youtube and watched the whole thing, I don't remember it being so freaking disturbing (though I do remember it being pretty depressing)! I just liked the songs tbh, they are all awesome (especially the last 3).

Jesus is a toaster...?