Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Reluctant Messiah.

"You who goes where no one else will dare will you be my God?"
"Architect finally I have met you.....You will not rebuild your house again." ~Little Buddha~ is a 1993 American movie by director 'B'ernardo 'B'ertolucci and starring Bridget Fonda and Keanu Reeves.

It brings my great joy and honor to welcome 'A few Shots to Shaman' to my warped world of pattern recognition. I have not the 'sound setup' nor the skillful confidence to capture the audiences ear with narration. So my friend AFSTS offered to spit it out for me. Great to have friends in alignment with my interests in decoding media. Thanks Shaman!

I must note that while in the preliminary stages if this film collaboration we each picked the same song for our videos. Gang Starr- Above The Clouds... Familiar territory if you are read up on Syncromisticism.

Note the double R-black starr plus Pointed Octagon-

Funny enough I picked the 'Silent' instrumental and
he picked the 'Vocal' version.

A hiccup in the Matrix? Or Kosmic Kommunication?

KR started his carrer in film back in the early eighties doing commercials for companys such as Kellogg's Korn flakes and Koca Kola. As his career progressed we watch him slowly come into alignment with his character Neo or the one.

Blogger/researcher Jake Kotze pointed out Keanu's strange connection to the mountain K2 in his video
"Why 2K? - Part1 - Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle-K" In the video he shows us the image that started it all....

Noticing this movie was released by Orion pictures helps us begin to connect this Man to his archetype.

As Jakes video progresses we see Teds Synchromystic connection to the mountain k2 begin...

With this in mind we begin to see a fractal of progression of the ever evolving archetype that is The One....

Little Buddha is a 1993 film that started his accent towards Neo becoming The one. His role in this film has him interacting with the water door portal starting the echoing fractal of portal, stargate or enlightenment.

Freaked (originally titled Hideous Mutant Freekz) is a 1993 Ortiz the Dog Boy (Keanu Reeves), the self-proclaimed "Leader of the Freaks"

This ties into the Dog theme quite well as we notice He played bass guitar in the grunge band Dogstar during the 1990s

We fast forward to Chain Reaction a 1996 film starring Neo. Labyrinth of the psychonauts Steve Willner points out Neos connection to Crowley in his video "The Black Cat, Tesla, and The Teleporting Man" Which ties in to all the K's popping up. The video has been censored by Youtube, they have removed the audio..

Moving on to...

The Devil's Advocate where Neo is tempted much the same as he was in Little Buddha. He is put to the test much like Christ was by Satan. The film was the subject of legal action following its release. The claim was that the sculpture featuring human forms in John Milton's apartment closely resembled the Ex Nihilo sculpture by Frederick Hart on the facade of the Episcopal National Cathedral in Washington, D.C.

The Latin phrase ex nihilo means "out of nothing"

And two years later we get The Matrix in 1999.
Neo becomes...
the One...
The Alpha...

I could list more but I think Ive made my extended point...
this might grow into another video.
It easily could make several with all the hidden context.

Peace A77


Jake Kotze said...

Love it..really awesome.

Will watch that again.

I hadn't made the Circle-K connect to the NEO TDTESS Karakoram scene..

In the immortal words of James T. KirK

Great stuff and thanks.

"Love long and prosper" - SpoKK

Jon Kidd said...

Thanks JK!

I'm gonna spend more time on the next video. I didn't give Shaman allot of time to narrate for me. I wanted to finish one more before I went to school.

Peace and a77 respect.

ViølatoR said...

KKool stuff! That's odd that the LoPN video was censored by jewtube.. err.. youtube, I wonder why?

R Arrowsmith said...

Hi Jon. Been so caught up in my own syncweb that I've only just got a chance to check out the vid. Brilliant stuff mate! Very engaging.
Loved all the Dogstar references. Can you recall the email I sent you about the Eye/Mouth connection? I was stunned to see the Eye emerging from the Mouth and then chasing Dog-Star Neo at the very end of the movie!!! Really glad you included that as it seems to verify my somewhat weird conclusion.
Look forward to seeing more vids from you JK.

Jon Kidd said...

I was watching this as you sent those comments RA. To quote your email...

"I've seen loads of syncs which have made me begin to see the Eye and the Mouth as one and the same thing. I know they're nothing alike, but maybe on some deeper level they actually are. Maybe our 3rd Eye is communicating (like our Mouths) all the time without us being aware. Like the mouth we can close/open it. We can also absorb (eat) things through the 3rd Eye - like nourishment that goes directly to the subconscious."

I couldn't remember why left the reel playing at the end. I honestly didn't remember that email. Luckily I found it. I still don't know entirely what to make of it.

Thanks you 3 for watching.

James Ratte said...

your vids are great, I prefer the medium over text. After listening to Gangstarr I felt listening to Arrested Development. thanks for all your work

Jon Kidd said...

I never heard of the group A.D. Will check it out. I liked the sitcom Arrested development. I thought that's what you meant... White boy on the dance floor...anyhoo

I like having narration but I hate my voice. Monotone, asthmatic, deep and uninteresting. Not to dis myself but I'm realistic about life. Best man/woman or for the job.

I got a friend who has a radio voice. So hopefully y'all will enjoy it.

R Arrowsmith said...

Just checked out the Dog cartoon link you included above. Never saw it as a kid but it's quite brilliant! In the clip you see a 'wave' of Dogs and then we get 'waves' of the ocean. This fits nicely into my recent Tidal Wave/Sirius theories. Also loved that the Bear makes an appearance in the intro as it's recently appeared on my radar in relation to the 3rd Eye. The Dog on top of the Mountain/Pyramid said it all for me. Great find Jon.

I'm going to be looking at the Eye/Mouth connection soon so hope you don't mind me including your 666 picture on my Blog for a reference. It's weird how artwork can come back to teach you things....I find it fascinating.

As for recording your own voice, I know exactly what you mean. I hate hearing my own voice on a video camera but I'm trying to get over it as I've recently been recording some new music I wrote. I think the voice says a lot about 'essence' of the person, and personally feel it would be good to hear what the real Slim Shady/Jon Kidd is really like....even if it's just for a few seconds in the intro. Go on Jon....we know you want to.

Peace bro.


Jon Kidd said...

Mr Arrowhead. I think AFSTS gave you your new knick name ;)

I don't look hard for what I find. I feel if you gotta stretch it the Flow seems to go. I'm sure you agree.

As for that cartoon? I would have had a different interpretation before you, or anyone in this circle, came along to help decode things. Notice there was 3 bears, green eyes bear, yellow eyes bear, red single eye bear?
Momma Poppa Baby...
One single red eye Horus bear...

Too much going on in that clip!

You may use whatever images you want. I remember that I deliberately put constellations in the eyes too. I don't remember what they were though. I'll make an image of all the hidden shit in that picture (i can find...) and post it on my third eye blog.

I did a little narration in my 'Jokerman Saturn Pattern' video. If I'm gonna spit on the mike I'm gonna buy a better one before I try again. Until then I'm glad to have help from some virtual friends.

Great comments everybody.

Jon Kidd said...

Sorry RA the symbols 'in' the eyes are symbols I can't remember and the constellations are to the left of the eye.